5 Methods for generating ideas focused on content creation

For some companies and professionals working with content production specific to their niche market, creating themes is one of the most important and difficult phases, as many do not know where to extract ideas to expose to their target audience. Have you thought about having a list of where to look for ideas for content creation?

In this article, we’ve separated an arsenal of 5 methods for you to quickly and efficiently generate specific content ideas for your blog visitors.

1. Search the FAQ pages of your niche market:

Exploring the FAQ of your niche market is a great way to acquire organic and qualified traffic. When you find information about what people are asking about your market, explore them in an ingenious way, making you the enlightenment of your doubts.

Using the Google search engine, you’ll be able to get this information through the inurl: faq [target keyword] query to understand your audience and extract as much information as you can that is essential for creating content.

2. View the topics in AnswerThePublic:

Unfortunately for many companies and professionals, this tool we added will not be adopted, because it works more accurately when employed in English. But we strongly recommend using it, because it will slow down your search engine searches.

AnswerThePublic is a UK tool that gathers insights from your keyword, coming from Google & Bing in addition to 15 common questions and prepositions (ranging from niche markets).

3. Remove ideas from visual content:

Searching for visual content can be an excellent trigger capable of extracting theme ideas for your articles. Here at Tier Digital we use Visual.ly and Pinterest a lot to give us a hand when we are looking for new subjects. In them, you can extract information from images, infographics, videos, and presentations.

4. Look for featured content in BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is a search engine that delivers its results based on public engagement within social networks. By becoming a surprising tool to find articles that your niche is more engaged in, it can provide you with information for creating quality content where you will reach the most effective audience.

5. Use Wildcard with Google Autocomplete:

Doing Google searches for ideas for your articles is indispensable. Now imagine if Google itself would help you find more ideas? And it helps!

If you call Google Wildcard it suggests ideas through an automatic complement in your searches when you add the Wildcard (“_” or “*“) in them.

Thinking about new topics for your articles can be very difficult for some professionals, keeping in mind that researching for new ideas is the first step in writing quality content, and having this article in hand, you will achieve your creative goals. content.

But remember that when researching ideas you should avoid copying the subject matter and thus avoid potential punishments on Google or copyright.