7 How-to Topics Email Marketing & Newsletter

If you’ve heard rumors from a group of people or companies that email marketing and newsletter are slow, losing their strength, even dying … and still think like them. Please close this article and continue to lose customers.

In this article, we’ve outlined a number of steps for you to send a powerful email so you can achieve goals like expected ROI, increased engagement, and lower customer acquisition costs. Before we continue the article, let’s simply and directly comment on the difference between the two categories of email submissions.

Email Marketing

Focused on acquisition, email marketing aims at a subscription, a downloading matter or even the purchase of a product.


The newsletter aims to retain the subscriber, that is, it values the relationship between the company and the reader through quality content and relevance.

Knowing the difference between the goals of email marketing and the newsletter, you can draw up a joint and effective strategy with the 7 topics listed below.

1. Never buy an email list:

Building an email list can be very time-consuming, but it is essential that it be done correctly. It is very common to find companies who are starting their digital marketing investments choose to purchase an email list. But remember quantity is not quality. When purchasing an email list your company is subject to:

  • Low ROI because people did not choose to receive your email;
  • Poor repercussion in the market;
  • Be marked as Spammer;

2. Act on good anti-spam practices:

We mentioned above that buying an email list can result in spamming. But there are other ways your company can get that brand, which no one wants. We list the most common, avoid or use moderately:

  • Terms like: free, free, promotion, click here and etc;
  • Graphic signs (? and !);
  • Use red colors as they are usually related to promotions of large retailers in which they send emails with strong colors;

3. Write a champion title:

The first goal to be achieved will be the curiosity of your subscriber, causing him to open his email. We separate 3 points in which some professionals and digital marketing companies perform to reach the ideal title:

  • Write between 5 to 10 quality titles;
  • Holding a brainstorming with your team;
  • Choice of a champion title (one in which it is impossible for the reader not to open);

4. Email Body

It is very common to receive an email that contains only one image, but it is subject to being blocked by the server. The best solution for using an image in the email is to work with HTML format and with the blending of texts and images.

Here are some techniques for creating a well-structured, professional-quality email body:

  • Use an email body made in HTML;
  • Write a short content and be direct;
  • Add Alt Tags to the images;
  • Put links in your images;
  • Leaves your Call To Action visible;
  • Optimize for mobile;

5. Segmentation is the path of effectiveness:

Just like any other digital marketing service, email marketing, and the newsletter allows segmentations. However, to create quality targets you need to request information that will be relevant to your company, which can be done through a landing and a form connected to your email platform.

6. Test your frequency:

Finding out which is the best shipping frequency is critical to reaching your reader, customer, or lead in the right way. Frequency testing also serves to curb high rates of discard and your company is marked as a spammer.

Avoid excessive shots, as your reader may feel uncomfortable and, likewise, mark you as a spammer. But with few submissions, you will not be utilizing the real potential of email marketing or newsletter.

7. Measure, measure, and ensure:

Like any action developed in digital marketing, everything is measurable. We list some metrics that you should stay connected while doing email marketing or newsletter.

  • Opening Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Inactivation Rate
  • Growth rate


The email marketing and the newsletter did not die, those who say this probably did not draw an efficient strategy for their firing actions. In order to guarantee the achievement of the goals it is necessary to follow the techniques listed above, also remember to perform A / B texsts, and to ensure the proximity of your reader.