Why do business planning

In the business world it is common to find ourselves with the urge to perform our tasks as soon as possible, so many people believe that planning is a waste of time.

However, the truth is just the opposite, by doing a planning you are valuing your time, which will not be spent performing tasks disorderly without knowing where you want to get.

There is a Chinese proverb that says: “If you want to cut down a tree in half the time, spend twice as much time grinding the axe. Next, understand how best to prepare by planning to ensure that your tasks are carried out in the best possible way.

What is planning business?

Planning is the definition of the steps that need to be taken to get from the current moment to a goal.

To do this, it is necessary to know exactly where you are and establish a plan of action with the necessary adjustments to get you where you want to be.

Why do planning business?

For an efficient administration, planning is essential, because based on it it is possible to outline goals and objectives that will serve as a basis for making decisions that can make a difference for the company’s success.

How to make a planning business?

To carry out planning it is necessary to define a starting point and conduct a market analysis, considering the position of your company and your competitors.

From there you must define a mission to achieve your purpose and the steps you must take. It is important to set deadlines for achieving your goals as well as a deadline for analyzing the results. 

Strategic planning

Strategic planning must be carried out by the leaders by formalizing the goals and objectives for the company’s growth.

To make strategic planning it is necessary to consider the external and internal conditions of the company, define the expected growth, as well as the effectiveness and survival.

Tactical planning

Communication is the key word in tactical planning, which works as an intermediary between strategic and operational planning.

In tactical planning the decisions of the superiors must be passed on in order to direct the planning towards action.

Operational planning

This is the point where things happen, that is, it actually reaches the productive sector where the operational workforce is.

Everything that was planned at the strategic and tactical levels is put into practice, thus making all sectors responsible for the company’s success.


Planning is useless if there is no action, so be careful to put your planning into practice and always have it in sight to make sure that your plans are being followed.

Put in the calendar the dates that each goal should be reached, as well as an end date to evaluate the results and consider re-planning.

The challenge of promoting innovation and productivity

Betting on a philosophy of innovation for your company can bring many benefits, among them the increase in productivity.

Innovative thinking is a management strategy generally adopted by new entrepreneurs, but that is teaching even the most traditional companies a lot.

The incentive to the new and the motivation of the teams to be more daring are characteristics of the innovative management model, which depends a lot on creativity.

Among the characteristics of the innovation model is the ability of the team to act with innovative thinking and take this goal forward to help productivity.

To better understand how the model that is revolutionizing companies and creating a new concept of productivity works, here are some of the characteristics of this movement.

What is innovation

Innovation consists of a new way of doing something that was previously done in a less objective or effective way.

In this way, innovation does not consist in just creating a new process, but rather in ensuring that by replacing one model with another, the benefits will be instantaneous.

What is productivity

Productivity consists of ensuring that the processes carried out in a company are performed in the shortest time and in the most efficient way possible. This is why this factor is so closely linked with innovation.

How to create an innovative environment

Creativity plays an important role in the innovation process. After all, it is from the proposal of a new model, which should work better than the previous one, that innovation is born, and this is only possible with creativity.

Proposing a change that can, in fact, be beneficial to productive processes requires a creative effort from the whole team, which must be encouraged by the leader through an administrative profile that favors the stimulation of creativity.

The encouragement of creativity in a team is essential for constant innovation, a practice that becomes possible from the deconstruction of traditional processes and the opening of new possibilities.

The solutions found in collaboration are enriched by the different points of view, facilitating the creation of an innovative process.

Innovation as a productivity enabler

The more innovative a company can be, the greater its productivity potential is, by offering more effective means of carrying out procedures.

Facilitating bureaucratic processes, opening up space for communication, and proposing to break down barriers are the main innovative actions that should be established in the quest to increase productivity.


Using proven methods can help your company go a long way. Simple decisions such as encouraging leaders and staff to think innovatively can bring short- and long-term benefits.

Traditional management models are increasingly being left behind and thoughts such as associating innovation with productivity are opening doors for companies in various sectors.

5 Tips for starting an entrepreneur online

Everyone feels fear when it’s time to make your first venture, and fear is part of starting your own idea, entering a new and unknown world, so we organized 5 practices for you to better deal with this feeling that will leave you more focused and stimulated. 

1. Planning

No matter the market or field chosen, those who have investment intentions and wish to become entrepreneurs need to do a lot of planning. 

Invest in knowledge and attend courses, events, and lectures about your market and about entrepreneurship.

Part of this planning is the size of your willpower and your effectiveness in your efforts. 

Study hard your field of action, read books, websites, and specific magazines, study the existing market and your possible competitors. 

Talk to professionals and entrepreneurs who work in your field, these conversations are usually more open and provide information that is not in courses and books

Having focus and goals increases the chance that your venture will be successful.

2. Understand impacts and risks

It is essential to understand how the risks of starting a venture will affect your life and will never allow you to stop studying at any stage of your life. 

Always be up to date, an assessment is important to identify what the biggest risks will be, what can get out of control, analyze each impact you may experience on the journey and prioritize threats. 

Risks can be very high in the entrepreneurial world, but the more you risk the greater the possibility of growth.

3. Self-confidence

To kick things off, you need to have your head and chest up and your eye on the ball to hit the target you want. 

There is no way to make sales and win customers without confidence in your work.

Your self-confidence will be directly related to the confidence and credibility of your enterprise. 

Study, experience, and believing in yourself are all part of growing your self-confidence and overcoming your fears.

4. Seek honest validation from those you trust

At the beginning of a venture a common mistake is when feeling insecure, to seek approval, opinions, and validation from all possible means. 

The most appropriate way to master your fears and overcome your internal debates is to share your ideas with people you trust and who are honest enough to criticize you honestly and not only see the positive points of your project.

5. Do what you like

Having affinity with what you are doing will diminish your fears. 

It is important to know what the best business for you is before researching the market, to choose an investment in a job that is related to your personal tastes as well as your professional talents. 

Liking what you do certainly increases your focus and chance of effectiveness in your professional actions.

People always have good ideas, but few of them put them into practice, and you have an idea and see the opportunity, being afraid at the time of making your first venture is normal, and is part of the process, but you should not give up. 

Identify the factors that prevent you from overcoming the fear of entrepreneurship and starting your own business. Realizing the dream of owning your own business is the ability to make big steps and changes, and that is much bigger than any fear. Remember, instead of being afraid of entrepreneurship, to accept your obstacles and embrace your professional learning at this early stage!

Starting a Business: What are the most common mistakes?

When starting a business it is common for the entrepreneur to fall into some traps. No matter how well prepared they may seem to be, many times situations arise that were not foreseen, and that’s when many end up getting lost.

To avoid this kind of surprise, it is important to know the mistakes that many have already made; after all, learning from the mistakes of others is the best way not to fall into the same trap.

If you are in the first steps of your company and want to avoid the most common mistakes made at the very beginning of a venture, follow this article until the end and be prepared when something unexpected comes your way.

Thinking starting a business will be easy

One of the biggest mistakes a new entrepreneur makes is to believe that they can build their business with minimal effort. 

It’s not something done consciously, but it unfolds from speeches we hear over and over again, such as: “you’re going to be your own boss” among other phrases that make the entrepreneur’s life seem easy.

However, the reality of a person who decides to own his or her own company is very different, especially in the beginning.

When working to start a business, it is necessary to understand that it will be necessary to invest a lot of time and money, and to do so, you will have to give up a lot of things at that moment.

Not everyone is prepared to face this reality, and being honest with yourself, evaluating if this is really what you want, is the best way not to make this mistake.

Forgetting the business plan

The first thing that should be done when starting a business is a business plan, a planning of the steps that need to be completed and the steps that need to be followed for the success of the business.

However, it is common that many entrepreneurs do this planning just for show and do not use it to guide their steps, thus putting everything at risk.

If all the planning was done so that your company would be successful, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is there just for protocol, understand how the business plan works, and always put it into practice.

Underestimate the initial investment to starting a business

The initial investments of a company can be higher than you think. Although many businesses can start with very little, a whole structure is needed to make the company stand up.

Therefore, it is common for many people to think that they have enough capital to make the company work, and end up getting frustrated in the very first months when they face a very different scenario.

A company demands not only an initial investment, but also often takes time to start generating profits.

So it is necessary that your investment is sufficient not only to implement the business, but also to keep the company finances for some time.

No investing in digital marketing

Putting a company on the market is a challenge, but making it recognized and admired is undoubtedly the biggest one. 

Nowadays, winning customers is a task that goes beyond simple marketing actions. It is necessary to integrate the company’s values with the discourse passed to the customers in order to create a strong image.

There are several ways to invest in marketing, one of them is to ensure your online presence through digital marketing.

Even if you do not have much money to invest in promotion, it is important to set aside at least a part of your investment for this fundamental point.

Mixing company and personal accounts

From the moment your company starts to generate profits, you can celebrate, because it will start paying your personal bills. 

In this phase it is necessary to be careful, because if you do not know how to manage your company’s finances and your personal life, you may end up falling into a trap.

To avoid this kind of mistake, which can end up bankrupting your company, establish part of the profits as a salary for yourself, and use this amount for your personal expenses.

Forget your goals

Over time, when your business starts to move forward, it is easy to forget what your goals were at the beginning. 

So from the beginning, be very clear in your mind where you want to go and what you want to achieve with your efforts, so that it is easier to dedicate yourself day after day to make your business achieve what you have set for it.