What is a Growth Hacker?

The term Growth Hacker was created by the culture of Silicon Valley, where it has been gaining more and more intensity within Startups around the world. With the translation of Growth Hacker, professionals like these are sought after by Startups in order to get rapid growth rates in short periods and at low costs.

What is a Growth Hacker?

Growth Hackers are hybrid professionals who excel through marketing and programming. With the goal of answering a very traditional question in the middle of marketing, “How do I get more customers for my product?”, Your answer comes with its programming differential, where everything is testable, traceable, and scalable.

Its main tools come from digital marketing like web analytics, A / B testing, storytelling, marketing funnel, PPC, SEO and etc. By becoming self-sustaining and self-propagating, a Growth Hacker can bring an unknown start-up to the spotlight with ease.

The ultimate goal of every Growth Hacker is to create a self-persuasive marketing machine that reaches millions by itself.

– AARON GINN, Growth Hacker

4 Steps to Make Growth Hacking:

1. Product-Market Fit:

Product Market Fit is a product that is in perfect sync with consumers and their demands. This is the holy grail that every company wants their Growth Hacker to achieve. In order to achieve the Product-Market Fit it is necessary to fulfill the real need of your target audience, not caring how many adjustments and refinements should be made.

2. Find Your Hack:

To be successful and to make your business and revenue growth, you must match the way you market your products with the way your potential customers know and buy your products.

3. Become Viral:

There is no formula, recipe, or magic trick to make your product turn into something viral and you also can not count on luck to make it happen otherwise you will be playing a game of chance with your time and money. But there is a way to make it a reality within your company, always try to study how your audience interacts with your brand, such as:

  • Because he shares his product;
  • How he talks about his product;
  • How it interacts on your website;
  • What are your goals to achieve with your products;

4. Close the circle: Retention & Optimization:

The rise of your company will be tied to metrics that show data related to your goals, in this case, growth. In order for the goal to be achieved through Growth Hacking, it will be necessary for you to listen to your most engaged audience for your brand since they will be rethought by the company’s vitalization.