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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

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Our Working Methodology

The SEO Audit is done through a Scorecard (Checklist) that has more than 50 topics between On-Page and Off-Page. In addition to going through the pillars that directly impact organic search traffic, being technology, content, external environments and user experience.

SEO planning aims to define short, medium and long-term actions beyond the performance indicator keys (K.P.I.), which is based on the Scorecard of the SEO audit performed for your business. In action, our plan will be added to a competition analysis, objectives of your business, strategies to be carried out and a schedule for follow-up.

On-Page Optimization is crucial and differentiated in the face of competition, second only to Relevance and Reputation, at this stage we evaluate and improve the technical aspects of a page or site, in order to “help” search engine algorithms read and interpret correctly the elements and entities of the given session.

The step that will build your Relevance and Reputation, not only by producing content, but by the way it is applied on each page. Production over keywords, rich content, attractive and focused on conversion for both the site user and the search engines.

Google actively works to deliver the best and most relevant results to its users. With this in mind, our reviews are focused on identifying and correcting glitches that occurred throughout the SEO cycle and unexpected situations after an algorithm update, which can lead to negative variations in the organic positioning of your site.

Local SEO

More and more research has some kind of local intent, do you know what that means? More qualified leads! Our experts are able to create a local SEO strategy to help each unit of your business to be displayed when a user does a search, including creating quotes, increasing the accuracy of your name, address, and phone number.

Tier Local’s Local SEO service ensures the scalability and agility necessary for mass optimization of physical locations in online environments on platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook and Apple Maps.

We want you to reach the success!

Regardless of your company's current goal, we are able to deliver the ideal, tailor-made solution for you to achieve your goals and succeed in the digital market.

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