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Web Analytics

Web Analytics
Web Analytics

Leave the guesswork of the side,
the future of your business is in the numbers.

Running a business based on what you think or wish for can often be a shot in the dark. With our analytical audit, we will bring our data-driven culture into your business. Our measurement plans, strategies, and implementation of tags is not only based on finding flaws and adjusting them but on, raising opportunities and enjoying them, with this we will have your business ahead of the competition.


Our review aims to observe and score how you are tracking the behavior of your site visitors and how your micro conversions are mapped.


It consists of unmasking the real performance of its acquisition channels. Through the certainty that your tagging are being triggered correctly and accurately.

Existing reports

Study conducted on top of your current data documents, where we validate, modify, optimize and / or update the current reports.


Your data should be in accordance with your content and back-end taxonomy, as it will make it easier to see which content is being consumed the most and by which type of user.


Identification if the e-commerce configuration is set correctly and aligned with your business objective, thus allowing you to view the conversion funnel.


The validation of your tag management system is included in the audit, where we look at triggers, variables and data layers.

The creation of a measurement strategy is fundamental to have a complete view of the acquisition channels, usability, and conversion. For this creation, we add our knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, and methodical processes. This way, when your performance fluctuates, you'll have a balanced plan with the right directions and quick answers to potential crises.


We will review your current data tool to see if the insights shown by it will have a real impact on your business so we do not need to change your tool.

and Knowledge

We conduct studies in order to understand the market of our customers, as this knowledge is essential for the discovery of which insights impact directly on your business.

and Process

We verify if the data matches your current needs, otherwise we redirect the metrics that each team must follow in order to give a complete view of its performance.


Creating a measurement plan is defined by the "what", "how" and "why" your channels will impact your business. We will create goals for each channel according to your current goal.

With a transparent and objective data visualization, it is possible to give purpose for each and every number extracted. We will leave your information attractive and objective so that it becomes the best way to obtain insights.

Quick Interaction

By using of online dashboard tools so you can view your data wherever and whenever you want.

Easy reading data

Taking assertive decisions making by surveying new trends, hypotheses and behavior of your KPIs.


Through the dashboards we will see if the actions are aligned with their objectives, in order to develop new actions or redirect the efforts towards a more assertive strategy.

We want you to reach the success!

Regardless of your company's current goal, we are able to deliver the ideal, tailor-made solution for you to achieve your goals and succeed in the digital market.

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