How to do a SEO planning through a SWOT Matrix

Many companies have already invested or invested their capital and time in SEO techniques, but several of these companies have failed or will still fail due to a lack of quality strategic planning. In this brief article, we will help you conduct a SWOT analysis with a focus on SEO so that you and your company do not lose the way over time, as it can be said that quality SEO takes time to obtain significant returns.

As you know there are several ways to conduct strategic planning for your business. However, we chose SWOT analysis for SEO because it is one of the most well-known and easy to perform, with the objective of creating a synthesis of the internal and external analyzes through the identification of the key elements through the evaluation of 04 points, being:

  • Strength;
  • Weaknesses;
  • Opportunities;
  • Threats;

Sometimes all we need to do to understand what is happening and what can happen around our company is to go back to two simple evaluations of where your company is and where you want to go. As we said before, we chose SWOT analysis as an efficient analysis tool where it will fit perfectly into your SEO planning.

Let’s take a brief scenario as an example.

You are the CEO of a digital marketing agency and one of your clients Alpha Company wants to have SEO techniques performed on your site. But your client is in an extremely competitive and difficult market segment in which its main competitor, Empresa Omega, is prominent in the search engines.

Being a niche segment, SEO planning is indispensable because its main group of keywords ends up offering a low amount of searches and the margins for errors are minimal. So you and your team have conducted some research where they found that both sites have similar authority and both companies do not use Sponsored Link.

After his team conducts a thorough study of the target audience, it has been ascertained that their products are leveraging emotions and driving visitors, leads, and customers on impulse purchases.

Also 06 points were separated from each company to carry out the SWOT analysis.

Alpha Company :

  1. Website developed in WordPress;
  2. Performs labeling of categories;
  3. Adds 1 page of content every 2 days;
  4. Excellent knowledge of the market in which it operates;
  5. Domain:;
  6. You do not get much organic traffic;

Omega Company:

  1. It has been running the same site for a long time;
  2. Receive enough organic traffic;
  3. It is among the top 3 in the ranking for the main keyword;
  4. Your homepage attracts all traffic;
  5. domain:
  6. It has no SEO planning;

SWOT Matrix Scenario


  • Relatively decent domain name;
  • Easy-to-use content manager;
  • Good amount of content;
  • Experience in the actuation segment;


  • The Competitor classified in the first 3 places;
  • The competitor can start an SEO planning;
  • The competitor has a strong domain name;


  • Optimizations enabled long-tail achievements;
  • The possibility of creating sponsored campaigns;
  • Low SERP competition due to low competition;
  • Use of social networks (leverage emotions);


  • Customer without skill in SEO;
  • Unsatisfactory use of WordPress;

The SWOT analysis of the above scenario was done in a very simple way, but it is an excellent starting point for an SEO strategy because it requires long deadlines and several technical maneuvers, so your team will not lose focus and goal in the course of planning.

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