How to leverage the accuracy of Web Analytics

If you are a professional or a company that seeks and needs answers to your strategic actions in digital marketing, then this article is for you!

If you have read our publication on what Web Analytics is and how it should be done, you should be familiar with the fact that Web Analytics is essential and indispensable in any digital marketing strategy. So we’ve separated 7 tips to guide you in how to leverage Web Analytics accuracy and digital success.

1. Tagging & First-Party Cookies:

Make sure you choose a tool that uses markup tags and first-party cookies to collect data, such as Google Analytics.

2. Eliminate the Bots:

Remove or create separate reports of non-human activities, such as your server’s crawlers, bots, and performance monitors.

3. Track Everything:

Do not limit your analysis to only pages and landing pages. Track all activity on your site, which will give you a greater likelihood of success in your digital marketing strategy. You can track, for example, download files, transactions, your sales funnel, clicks on love buttons (Facebook Share & Like, Twitter Follow and etc.), and Outbound links. The more detailed your tracking, the higher your return.

4. Regular audits:

Make regular on-page audits on the pages of your site, where you can look for changes in content that can positively influence your results, for corrupted pages, and for deleted or forgotten tags.

In this topic, we talk about how to do an SEO audit.

5. Do not study recent data:

It’s normal to look at the data every day in Google Analytics, but no strategic decision should be made because, with less than 24 hours of life, they are usually less accurate and may change.

6. Guarantee your parameters:

Test your URL redirects to ensure they are maintaining the appropriate parameter tracking and do not harm your data and decision-making. If they have not kept the crawl you want, consider fixing it as soon as possible.:

7. Traffic acquisition channels:

Make sure all your social media campaigns, paid media, and email marks, for example, ample are being tracked properly. Integrating with your platforms can save you a lot of work.

In this article, we have given you 7 valuable tips on how to leverage the accuracy of Web Analytics to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that the more information you gather and the more detailed your reports are, the better the performance of your digital marketing strategies.