The importance of creating a brand persona 

Online presence is already part of your company’s strategy, right? Now it is time to understand the importance of creating a brand persona!

Different from your customer’s persona, your brand persona is the voice you use to communicate with your audience.

Understanding the right language to speak to your customers is the difference between being just another company or actually gaining loyal followers for your brand.

Next, understand how to create a persona for your company and captivate your customers.

What is Brand Persona

The term Brand Persona is used to refer to the personality created for a brand to communicate with its audience in a more natural and human way.

By defining a personality for a brand, you position the tone of voice, language, and the way the brand approaches its topics and talks to its customers.

Difference between Brand Persona and Buyer Persona

While the Buyer persona is your “ideal customer”, i.e. the person you need to captivate to become your customer, the Brand persona is your brand personality.

The personality of your customer is defined by gender, age, profession, habits, preferences, among other characteristics of your consumer. By gathering this data you find out what your customer wants to hear and in what way.

On the other hand, your brand personality is defined by the values you want to convey to your audience, that is, who your brand should be to speak the language your customer needs to hear.

Why create a Brand Persona

By creating a brand persona you get closer to your audience and create a connection by communicating in a more real person-to-person way.

The consumer feels more comfortable in being approached in a more personal and less corporate way, feeling that they are talking to another person and not to a company.

Based on this strategy, many brands have adopted, in fact, an avatar that represents a character to virtually attend to their customers in a closer way.

How to create a Brand Persona

The first step in creating a brand persona is to understand the purpose of the brand, that is:

Why was the brand created?

What does it hope to achieve?

What are its values?

After looking inward, it is necessary to look outward, to understand who your customers are:

Listen to your audience

Understand what they expect from your company

Understand the best channels to communicate

Once you define who you talk to, you will be ready to define how you will establish this communication.


The relationship between company and customer should be as close as possible to a relationship between two individuals.

For this, having well defined what your brand personality is is essential.

Building a brand persona can help you create a connection with your customers and turn them into more than just consumers, but followers.

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