Inbound Marketing: What It Is and Why Invest?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing strategies were born out of the need for new methods of approaching people. Its techniques of action are totally linked to the environment created by the Internet, in which new means of consumption of information, products, visual media, and services were developed.

Contrasting its older brother, Outbound Marketing, and its traditional methods of marketing, Inbound Marketing tends to gain more and more strength in the marketing world due to the uncontrollable growth of the internet.

Directly: inbound X outbound

Inbound Marketing

Inbound is any and all online strategy made for the purpose of attracting or increasing people’s interest rather than buying them. Your marketing is created by creativity and talent. Its communication is built in an interactive and double way in which your customers find your company through search engines, referrals, and social media.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound tactics are made with the objective of selling certain products or services in an uninterrupted manner, in which your marketing is built with unilateral methods where there will be no interaction with your customers. Companies that invest in Outbound are found through impressions, commercials of TVs, radios, banners and cold calls.

The work of Inbound Marketing is divided into 5 steps:

    1. Traffic Attraction;
    2. Conversion of Visitors to Leads;
    3. Conversion of Leads into Customers;
    4. Customer Loyalty;
    5. Customer Transformation in Disclosures;

As stated previously, Inbound Marketing techniques are geared toward the web environment, where everything is connected and working 24/7, without being different, inbound strategies are complementary to each other, constituting a complete, effective, and powerful form of marketing.

By fully integrating your goals and services, each and every Inbound Marketing service can be measured in detail and accurately, making it more practical to understand how your visitors, leads, and customers behave on your website, blog, store virtual, or application, contributing to decision making.

Some Inbound Marketing services we offer:

Services to Attract:

    1. SEO: Optimizing your site with the right keywords is the most efficient way to get more visibility and visitors. About 80% of the customer’s purchase process begins with an online survey of a specific product or service.
    2. Blog: The production of quality content through a blog is essential to establish trust and generate brand value. This means of communication should be based on its previously created personas so that they are educated on the correct form.
    3. Landing Page: Landing pages are pages on which people are directed by clicking on a link. This page is essential in the buying cycle and you must have the right content for your goal to be achieved, which is to pass the correct information about a particular product or service clearly and directly.

Services for Conversion:

    1. Calls-to-Action: These are buttons or links that have the mission of encouraging visitors or leads to perform certain actions, such as downloading an e-book or scheduling a consultancy.
    2. Form: Forms are located on landing pages after a Calls-to-Action action. These forms have the function of collecting visitor information so that you can turn them into leads or collect leads information so they can turn them into customers.
    3. E-mail Marketing: The goal of email marketing is to educate your leads who are not ready to make a purchase, with meaningful information adding value and trust to your product and service. Well-designed email marketing planning is a great way to grow.

Reasons to Invest in Inbound Marketing:

  • About 80% of people do at least one online search before making a purchase;
  • Inbound Marketing is 62% cheaper than Outbound Marketing;
  • Inbound Marketing Services allows the precise identification of the target audience of your company which it helps to choose the best way to please them;
  • Companies that invest in content marketing gain about 55% more traffic on their site, allowing greater engagement and brand recognition;
  • 72% of business owners say that social media helps in closing a deal;