Relationship Marketing: What It Is and Why Do It?

Born before any digital explosion, relationship marketing is about the strategies that the company must adapt to keep in touch with its consumers, in order to create and improve long-term bonds.

With this concept in mind, we do some research and research where we separate some points for those who want to implement relationship marketing efficiently in their company.

7 Essential Points of Relationship Marketing:

  1. Culture and Values: Being the starting point for your company to start relationship marketing, creating a culture and values geared to this type of marketing, is simply to demonstrate interest and dedication to its consumers;
  2. Leadership: When you already have a culture and values focused on relationship marketing, your company managers should focus on a healthy relationship between your organization and your customers, market influencers, and stakeholders.
  3. Team: The employees’ pro-activity is indispensable to perform an odd service to their consumers. An effective formula to make a difference in the calls is simply, to be human and to demonstrate feeling.
  4. Technology and Interactivity: With the help of technology you must provide various interaction and communication tools to your customers, let them feel free to choose the best way to stay connected to your company.
  5. Knowledge and Perception: Enjoy the enormous range of platforms and software that technology offers to meet and understand the needs of your consumers;
  6. Memorization and Personalization: Go beyond the cadastral data, choose to go after the interests, characteristics, and habits of your consumers, make use of digital tools for data collection, and customize your communication. I make you feel special and different!
  7. Receptivity: Learning to listen to the customer rather than talking about yourself is one of the foundations of relationship marketing, but it is also a great way to turn it from a “regular” customer to a brand advertiser;

In view of the above concepts, it can be said that relationship marketing should be a commitment accepted by your company and everything that involves it. Be it from a simple answer in social networks to a more complex loyalty program.

Try to think outside the box, innovate in the method or the way to communicate with your consumers, make a difference in relationship marketing bring your company, highlight and competitive advantage in front of your competition.